Brand Buduart

Buduart is fashion accessory label, founded by designers family in 2009.

Buduart design offers wide range of accessory collections:
  - Handbags and purses,
  - Suitcases for travel and business folders,
  - Leather accessories and scarves,
  - Jewelry and sandals.

Buduart is a high quality brand products. It is characterized by natural materials, harmony of colors and proportions. They are modern and luxurious accessories with individuality, created to build the image, complete the style and highlight each individual.

Buduart create strong character designs for your lifestyle, combining a variety of materials and equipment - thick genuine leather or fine suede, embossed, decorative stitching and metal accents.

Buduart form your world special.



Buduart © 2012.

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