Brand story

And it wasn`t once upon a time, but today - right here and now, probably - just for you next.
It was just as great as the Lady wanted, interesting details decorated, colorful and tastefully luxurious.
Feminine, with passion and lust, and string pattern that embeds silk petals. With tenderness and caresses the flower runs.
Rapid, rhythmic, naturally.
Some one who knows about both - handbag and Lady would say:
"The very perfection! Both the nature and feeling bright, sparkling and alive!"

Where a bag was gone by so it was not seen ... Almost traveled oraund the half of world!
Well, they were inseparable, as both had their own secrets ...

Unless you are able to fancy,
feel the moment before touch
enjoy a light and
allow yourself to survive, then this is your bag 

           Your Buduart



Buduart © 2012.

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